About Me

I am originally from Hamilton, Ohio, a city a little north of Cincinnati.  I lived there until I left for KSU after I graduated high school.   I decided to go to KSU because I wanted to become a fashion designer.  I had the ideas but not the time and technical skills for fashion design.  After over 2 years, I dropped out with no goal in mind.  Years went by and I didn't really think about college.  I received something in the mail about a vet assistant program and something clicked in my head.  My entire life I had animals around me.  When I was younger, I wanted to be a vet but never thought I could handle blood and animal organs. Working with animals seemed so obvious after I thought about it.  My cats were my life.  I had an incident with my cat that did not end well. That made me want to know more about cats to prevent such an occurrence with my other cats.   I graduated with honors from the vet assistant program but was hungry for more knowledge.  One of my classmates told me about a vet tech program so I went to check it out.  Now years later, I am finally graduated.  I passed the state exam and am on my way to becoming licensed.

I have been working in an animal shelter since 2006.  Since that time I have been feline focused.  I became the feline manager, feline foster manager, a feline foster parent of hundreds of kittens, and most recently stepped into a role using my degree as a vet tech.   I now have some basic knowledge with dogs, ferrets, rats, rabbits, and guinea pigs   My real loved still are felines.  

I hope to share my experience and knowledge with you all so that you can become well versed in cat care and behavior.