Thanks to a friend of mine, my eyes have been opened to the world of alternative medicine.  It is unfortunate that there isn't a school to teach all of these other methods because I would be back to school in a flash.  I am still in the beginning stages and have a long way to go before I really know what I am talking about but I am excited to learn about alternative methods to western medicine. 

 I have 3 cats with chronic URI.  One cat is really bad and has been on just about every antibiotic and regiment possible and still not much of a change.  I have nothing to lose with a different approach. For her,  it can only get better!  My desire and drive to try and get her better is why I am studying and researching these different approaches.  I will only give you a briefing about these other methods to expand your mind.  If you are interested in trying a different approach, please look for a holistic vet in your area so that they can help you do it the right way.  I am only advocating these following methods with the guidance of a professional. 


Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy is a type of treatment that works by using the vibrations of various crystals and gemstones. You can use a crystal one time or often, depending on why you are using it and what you are wanting it to do.  If you are interested in crystal therapy, I recommend going to the local library and taking out a book to read into it more.  There are also lots of websites with great information.   Local gemstone shows sometimes have booths where they have what the purpose/ailment the gemstone is used for.  This website has a great list of gemstones, their meanings, and what ailment they are used for.

Gemstones can be worn on the body either as jewlery or in pockets.  Some gemstones need to have contact with the skin. Other gemstones can be placed with or on objects.  I have rose quartz on top of my kittys' ashes.  Euthanasia was not an easy choice for me and although they are gone, I want my former kitty friends to feel my love for them. 


I actually got to see this is in person.  I was at meeting a local group had.  They brought a cat with them and stuck in the needles right in front of us.  It was amazing.  The cat just walked around like nothing happened. 

All acupuncture is is the stimulation of certain points on the body. It is used to balance the flow of energy and therefore heal the animal.    It can be used for various ailments and reasons.  Usually it is not just one appointment, it is a series of appointments but it does depend on why you are using acupuncture.